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No matter what your skill level – or what kind of fishing you like to do – we’ve got the perfect rod and reel. Read on to learn what’s right for you. If you need more help choosing, try our reel finder.

Choosing the right reel


Zebco invented the original spincast reel, allowing millions to cast like a pro with the push of a button.

How to hold a spincast reel


  • The most user-friendly, tangle-free fishing reel, ideal for beginners
  • Push button design invented by Zebco for long casts with minimal skill
  • Also used by experienced anglers as a durable, all-around reel
  • Available in a range of sizes, from ultralight (4 lb. line), medium (10 lb. line), to heavy-duty (20+ lb. line)


Another Zebco invention, Triggerspin reels are a great option for novices.

How to hold a triggerspin reel


  • Hybrid design combines the trouble-free use of spincast with balanced feel of spinning
  • Trigger casting design invented by Zebco for easy casting
  • Good alternative to spinning reels for beginners


Spinning reels are a good, versatile choice for anglers with a little more experience.

How to hold a spinning reel


  • Also called “open face”, good for intermediate to advanced anglers
  • Fixed spool allows line to flow freely on the cast, great for light lures
  • Nice, balanced feel because the reel hangs below the rod
  • Requires a little practice to cast accurately
  • Widest size range of any type of reel, from micro-sized for panfish to giant reels that hold 20 lb. or heavier line for catfish and even some off-shore saltwater fish


Baitcast reels are the most advanced reel style, requiring lots of skill and practice to cast effectively.

How to hold a baitcast reel
  • The most advanced type of fishing reel, best for experienced anglers
  • Spool rotates as line is released, prone to backlashing (line tangles) requiring the angler to control line feeding out with his thumb
  • Though somewhat hard to master, they offer best  <a href=”″>casting accuracy and distance</a>
  • Offers fast and powerful retrieve in a relatively small package
  • Most often used for bass, muskies, salmon and other hard-fighting fish

Choosing the right rod


Many Zebco reels are sold as combos already matched to the right rod, so we’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you.

Zebco Spinning Combo


If you’re buying a rod separately keep in mind these guidelines.

  • Obviously, choose a spinning rod for a spinning reel, casting rod for a baitcast reel or spincast reel so the guides on the rod match up to the line coming off the reel
  • Rod should feel balanced and comfortable with the reel
  • All rods list the line weight and lure weight they are designed to handle, so match up accordingly for the fish you’re targeting
  • Longer rods (7 feet or more) can deliver longer casts while shorter rods can offer more accuracy and are easier for beginners to cast
  • Graphite rods are more sensitive and lighter weight while fiberglass or “composite” rods are more durable and affordable