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Remember, there are many types of bait available and most all of them can be successful when proplerly presented. Factors such as water clarity and the type of fish targeted need to be considered when selecting th eright bait. Artificial baits are very popular because of their durability, an dlive baits will always be tempting to fish!
Zebco spinnerbait Spinnerbaits: One of the most versatile of all artificial lures, these baits can be fished shallow or deep. Spinnerbaits are ideal for a wide variety of species of fish and are available in a wide range of sizes, color combinations and blade styles. The style and shape of the blade creates different actions and causes turbulance during the retrieve.
Zebco worms Soft Plastics: There are numerous types of soft plastic baits out there from worms to lizards to crayfish. Each can be very successful under a variety of conditions. The color selection is usually based on the clarity of the water. As a general rule, lighter colors work better in clearer water, darker colors for murky water. These baits are usually weighted and slowly fished on the bottom.
Zebco crankbaits Crankbaits: Crankbaits are great lures for coaxing fish from their comfort zones. Crankbaits are designed to retrieve at a particular depth based upon the shape of the forward lip. They "wobble" when retrieved to mimmick the swimming action of baitfish, and some even rattle to provide even more attention-getting action.
Zebco earthworm Earthworms (Nightcrawlers): Historically, no other bait has been as successful as the good-ol' standby earthworm. Wrap a hook with a worm, dangle it from a bobber, and you've provided an easy, tasty meal for just about any fish. And, they're cheap and easy to come by.
Zebco popper Topwater: Topwater baits like "stick baits" and "poppers" are generally retrieved with a "twitch" of the rod tip. This twitching action causes the lure to mimmick that of an injured baitfish. It takes some practice to get a jerkbait to create the ideal action for a strike, but fish know injured baitfish are an easy meal.
Zebco minnows Minnows and Shad: Minnows and shad are potent baits because these are natural food for most freshwater fish. They are usually fished live on a hook and can be used with or without a bobber.

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