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Q: I have an idea I would like to submit, can I do that?

Zebco appreciates the fact that you have considered us for the submission of an idea. However, to avoid potential misunderstandings or disputes it is Zebco's policy NOT to accept any unsolicited ideas, innovations, product enhancements, new promotions, new advertising or marketing campaigns, products, technologies, processes, materials, or ideas for new product names. Zebco will however accept ideas for consideration for which a valid patent has been issued and for which the owner of the patent is submitting the idea.

Please know that, despite our request that you only submit ideas for which a valid patent has been issued, any unsolicited letter or package that is sent to Zebco that is identifiable as an unpatented idea will be discarded unopened. All others will be discarded as well immediately upon identification as an unsolicited idea. All e-mails will be immediately deleted. Zebco can make no assurances that your ideas and materials will be treated as confidential or proprietary.

Patent pending ideas will not be considered.
Zebco does appreciate feedback on existing products and campaigns. Those comments can be addressed to Customer Relations at 800-588-9030.

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