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Zebco Fishing Spincast Reels:
Invented by Zebco, the spincast reel is the simplest-to-use fishing reel you can buy. The push-button makes casting easy with minimal practice, and because the spool of the reel is fixed, it is impossible to create a backlash. The spincast reel is ideal for beginners, but is also used by experienced anglers as a durable, all-around reel for a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater species. Spincast reels are available in a range of sizes, generally determined by the weight of the pre-spooled line, from ultralight (4 lb. line), medium (10 lb. line) up to heavy-duty (20+ lb. line).

The Zebco 33® is the most recognizable spincast reel in the world, and our Zebco 202®, 404® and 808® reels best sellers everywhere!

Zebco Fishing Spinning Reels:
Spinning reels also employ a fixed spool, exposed and located at the front of the reel, allowing the line to flow freely during the cast. Because of this setup spinning reels are great when using very light lures. Most spinning reels use a "bail" wire that guides the line back onto the spool. The bail wire is most often automatically tripped, but may also be manually engaged.

Spinning reels require a little bit of practice when it comes to successfully haulting a cast and stopping the lure at the desired location. They are generally used with light line and more flexible rods, but spinning reels are available in the widest range of size of any type of reel, from micro-sized (used for trout, panfish and other small fish species) up to the giant reels that hold 20-pound or heavier line for big catfish and even some off-shore saltwater species.

Zebco makes a wide variety of spinning reels including several models that are designed specifically for lady anglers!

Zebco Fishing Baitcast Reels:
These are the most advanced type of fishing reel, and they require the most skill in order to use successfully. Because the spool rotates as the line is released, these reels are prone to backlashing without the proper control. Though baitcast reels can be somewhat difficult to master, they offer the best control over accuracy and distance; this is why most professional anglers use baitcast reels.

Baitcast reels also employ cast control mechanisms which help to reduce possible backlash. Magnetic and centrifugal mechanisms are used in combination with an angler's ability to lightly "feather" the spool with his thumb. It takes a lot of practice to get good at using these reels, but the reward is often a more accurate cast, and a better lure presentation.

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