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Line tangles when casting - Spool is overfilled with line

- Line memory

- Oversized line

- Reduce amount of line to 1/8" below spool lip

- Soak reel spool of line in water prior to use

- Remove line and fill spool with line size that is recommended for reel

Gears rough or reel makes grinding noise on retrieve - Dirst or debris between spool and rotor or in gear system - Loosen drag tension and turn spool until drag discs break free. (Always loosen drag completely after fishing)
Bail will not trip or becomes sluggish - Bail spring is broken

- Bail wire is bent

- Dirt or debris in bail hinges

Replace with new spring

- Replace with new bail wire assembly

- Remove bail wire assembly, clean throroughly and lubricate with reel oil

Line is twisting - Line was spooled on improperly

- Lure spinning on retrieve

- Bail wire mis-shaped

- Replace line or play out line (without lure) behind boat or in river current to remove line twist. NOTE: When installing new line, make sure the line from supply spool is feeding off in the same direction the rotor is.

- When trolling, make sure the lure is not fouled and is running true. When using in-line spinners, attach a ball bearing swivel to line.

- Replace bail wire assembly

Bail closes when casting - Bail spring weak - Replace with new bail spring

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