Never wet a line before? No problem. Zebco has made fishing fun, easy and relaxing for millions of first-time anglers. Here’s all you need to know to get started.

Basic tackle

You don’t need a lot of fancy tackle to catch fish. We’ll show you how to rig a hook, bobber and sinker for a fun, easy day of fishing.

Where to fish

Learn a little about how fish behave and you’ll know where to catch them. We’ll also help you find good local fishing spots near you.

How to cast

The first step in learning to fish is knowing how to cast. Watch these short videos and we’ll show you how easy it is to cast a Zebco.

Catching fish

You got one! Watch this video to learn how to hook, reel in and land your fish (including setting the drag on your reel in case you get a big one).

Types of fish

Part of the fun of fishing is learning how to identify all the different fish species and discovering when, where and how to make them bite.

Fishing terms

Like any sport, fishing has its own lingo. This handy glossary will teach you the terms used to describe all kinds of tackle and techniques.