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When R.D. Hull was searching for an investor for his "reel that wouldn't backlash," he came across a company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the Zero Hour Bomb Company, which was looking for a way to shore up the business as the market was dwindling for their main product, electric time bombs for fracturing oil wells to produce more oil. This meeting between Hull and the Zero Hour Bomb Company would change fishing forever.

In May of 1949, the maiden reel was in production. Called the "Standard," it was given the model number: 1.

This reel was manufactured from 1949 until 1954 in three different iterations:
The "1A" model was built between 1949 and 1951 and is noted by its black spinner head.

The "1B" model was built in 1952 and had a red spinner head.

The "1C" (shown here) model was built 1953 through 1955 and had a tan spinner head.

To use this reel, the angler would press and hold the button located on the top of the reel, then at the release of the cast, let go of the button.

To engage the gears and pick up line, the angler pressed inward on the handle prior to retrieve. The reel also included an audible clicker that could be engaged with the button on the side of the reel. This would provide a clicking sound to signal when a fish had taken the bait.

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