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Let's Go Fishing!
Ready Tackle® Openstock Combos Kits
Zebco Catfish Fighter

Zebco ReadyTackle® brings truth to the phrase “ready to fish” by expertly grouping the right rod, reel, and other tackle to match your exact needs. ReadyTackle’s exclusive selection system takes the mystery out of selecting general purpose tackle. It’s the right tackle, expertly organized for you by the pros for a great value and price.

Species-Specific Combos:
TROUT 4-pound line, 5'0" 2-piece rod, trout tackle
PANFISH 6-poune line, 5'6" 2-piece rod, panfish tackle
BASS 10-pound line, 6'0" 2-piece rod, bass tackle
WALLEYE 10-pound line, 6'6" 2-piece rod, walleye tackle
CATFISH 20-pound line, 7'0" 2-piece rod, catfish tackle
INSHORE 12-pound line, 7'0" 2-piece rod, inshore tackle
SURF/PIER 20-pound line, 7'0" 2-piece rod, surf/piere tackle


Ready Tackle openstock combos include exclusive Cajun® Red Rigs

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