The World’s First Spincast Reel

Before Zebco introduced the first spincast reel, making a long, accurate cast was no small feat. The predominant reel of the day was the baitcasting reel, which required an experienced hand to cast correctly without causing a nasty mess of tangled line known as a “backlash” (also colorfully referred to as a “bird’s nest”). This steep learning curve took the joy out of fishing for many novice anglers.

So when inventor R.D. Hull approached Zebco with a fixed spool design guaranteed not to backlash, the company knew he was onto something and the world’s first spincast reel was born. The first Zebco “Standard” models began rolling off the line in May of 1949, allowing even beginners to cast like a pro with the push of its distinctive thumb button. Since then, Zebco spincast reels have brought the simple joy of fishing to more families than any other reel.