The Zebco 33 is better than ever, and now it’s got a family of its own.

News / June 2014

The latest generation of the legendary Zebco 33 clearly demonstrates the most exciting innovations in spincast technology. We re-thought and re-engineered the critical mechanisms inside the reel to make them smoother and more durable, and we gave it a modernized facelift on the outside. Now, for 2015, we’re introducing the all-new family of 33’s including a smaller 33 Micro, available in spincast and Triggerspin® models for light tackle fishing and younger and smaller hands. There’s also the powerful new 33 Max to take on monster catfish and other big fish species. So whether you’re young or old, right-handed or left, or whether you’re after panfish, catfish or something in between, now there’s a 33 that’s just right for you.

Here’s a sampling of the praise the all-new Zebco® 33® has received from outdoor writers across the country.

North American Fisherman

“…the Zebco reel that Mr. Hull invented is as much a part of fishing as DiMaggio was baseball. In 2014, the Zebco 33 proudly celebrates its 60th birthday with improved looks and feel, and no sacrifice to its legendary simple function and everyday reliability.”

Louisiana Sportsman

“On the outside, the new Zebco 33 features an industrial-grade brushed stainless steel cover, but internally it features a few tweaks that cement its reputation for legendary reliability and frustration-free line management.”
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Field & Stream

“A Zebco 33 Combo Can Take More Heat Than You Think.”
“…whoever in the group lands the biggest fish during the trip on a 33 combo wins serious bragging rights and some new pliers. While everyone else tempted snappers and little mackerel with their 33s, RT went for the throat and pitched a live pilchard to a school of fired-up false albacore.”
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“2014’s Hottest Reels”
“Perhaps one of the biggest misperceptions about spincast reels is that they are built for small fish. Well, for years Zebco’s 33 has proven that false, and the brand new MicroFine Drag adjustment will further confirm the 33’s ability to land big fish through smoother, more precise, and accurate drag settings.”
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Brad Wiegmann Outdoors

“Zebco 33 Celebrates Its 60th Birthday”
“The 60th anniversary edition Zebco 33 reel is a celebration of one of the world’s greatest tangle free fishing reels ever made. It eliminated tangles for millions of anglers across the United States and worldwide.

Even though the new 60th anniversary edition Zebco 33 reel looks a little different don’t be surprised to find out it has the same affect on novice or young anglers everywhere. They will want to pick it up and cast it.”
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“Klein Will Carry a Zebco 33 in Classic Competition”
“More than sixty years ago, a Texas watchmaker named R.D. Hull watched packaging string flow tangle free from a spool at a local supermarket and thought it might make a good idea for a fishing reel.
Gary Klein will graciously carry, and possibly compete, with a Zebco 33 at the Bassmaster Classic in honor of Mr. Hull’s life-shaping invention.”
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