New Products for 2018!

The new and exciting Star Wars series presented by ZEBCO.

No brand of fishing reels has introduced more children to fishing than Zebco, and the user-friendly comforts designed into each new age-specific Star Wars™ combo reflect the brand’s iconic 60-year connection between children and the joy of fishing.

BB-8™ Combo for ages 3 – 5+

Young kids are all about imagination, and the handle on this very compact 30” long combo showcases droid character BB-8 in large fashion that’s sure to spur fun thoughts.

While it seems like line getting accidentally wrapped around the rod tip by young anglers is inevitable, Zebco’s new patent pending innovative tangle-free rod tip on this combo significantly reduces the problem, and quickly allows for the next cast.

The reel’s thumb button is oversized for tiny thumbs to locate easily in anticipation of each cast, and Zebco’s patented T-Ring™ design assures tangle-free experiences with the fishing line inside the reel.

Plus, for the sake of safety, the rod also contains a safe hook storage chamber to keep small fingers from being accidentally hooked while transporting the rod. And the fact this rod and reel combo floats assures all of its great attributes won’t accidentally end up at the bottom of the lake during a day of family fun.

Rey™ and Kylo Ren™ for ages 6 – 9

As children grow so does their need for a slightly longer fishing rod, and Star Wars’ Rey and Kylo Ren combos from Zebco featuring a 4-foot long, two-piece rod with a tangle free tip will be the perfect fit.

Girls and other fans of The Jedi will likely favor the fishing rod design made to resemble Rey’s lightsaber, while boys and fans of the dark side will lean more toward that of Kylo Ren featuring red crossguards.

These combos also feature Zebco’s patented T-ring inside the reel to keep line flowing freely.

Darth Vader™ Spinning Combo

Designed for Star Wars fans of all ages, the first Vader combo is built to an exact 47” long match to Darth Vader’s lightsaber and is paired with a 20 size spinning reel for a wide range of species. Additionally, Zebco has developed a 6’ telescoping Vader combo paired with a 30 size spinning reel.

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Zebco Bowfisher Series Brings Simplicity and Safety to On-the-Water Archery

The same simplicity and super-efficient product designs that are the foundations of the Zebco brand are now reflected in two exciting new Bowfisher™ products for those that take archery to the water.

First, is the new BOWDM Bowfisher direct mount bow reel that eliminates the need to buy a real seat. Typically, if somebody wants to go bowfishing, they have to buy the reel, and also a reel seat to mount the reel to – not anymore, now it’s all one uniform, safety-first, product.

Improved safety comes in the form of the Bowfisher BOWDM’s patent pending “Safe-Shoot” feature that provides bright red indicators when it’s not safe to shoot, and provides a bright green indicator when the reel is ready to fire.

The Bowfisher BOWDM also contains a Picantinny Rail consisting of numerous transverse slots similar to a Weaver style rail system that allows archers to attach a flashlight for nighttime bowfishing adventures.

Also new for the serious bow angler looking to upgrade the reel seat of their bow to a rock solid offering, the brand new patent-pending BOWSEAT Bowfisher Quick Change Reel Seat is an awesome heavy duty die-cast aluminum offering that also features the Picatinny Rail system with quick change feature, so bow anglers can switch their reel out in seconds without tools.

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New “Weigh-in” rods from Zebco will shorten fish tales

The new series of Weigh-In™ rods from Zebco featuring a classic De-liar™ fish scale in the butt end of the rod brings forth immediate thoughts of “why didn’t somebody think of this sooner?”.

If they would have thought of it sooner fish tales and exaggerated lengths and weights of catches could have been curtailed decades ago. And better yet, brought better validation to true trophy catches.

Not only does each “Weigh-in” rod come with a scale for measuring fish up to 10-pounds, but also, a ruler is stamped on the blank of each rod to provide a fast measurement on length for future story telling, as well as to help make sure your catch is legal according to state fisheries laws.

This series of rods will be available in both casting and spinning, with telescopic and standard 2-piece options available.

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Zebco relaunches legendary Cajun Line

In the early 2000’s an avid Louisiana chemist and angler named Jack Davies formulated red colored fishing line under the premise that red was the first color in the light spectrum to disappear under water, thus making it less visible to fish.

Anglers who dared to try Davies’ invention, agreed that in many situations, it caught more fish than traditional colored lines. And soon Cajun Red fishing line became a mainstay offering in the monofilament section of fishing tackle retail stores across America.

Based purely on its fish-catching goodness – the success of Cajun line has continued at a modest pace for several years with little or no changes to its formulation, and very little promotion.

But new for 2018, Zebco has recommitted to market their time proven Low-Vis Red formula in a new and improved Smooth Cast variety. This Smooth Cast formula will also be available in a consumer-preferred clear variation. Both color options of Smooth Cast will be available in filler, quarter and pony-sized spools.

Additionally, Zebco Cajun is introducing a new tough abrasion resistant formula in Gator Green color that will available in filler and quarter spools.

Anglers looking for a super smooth casting line with invisible qualities will continue to love Zebco’s Cajun Red, while those looking to cast at gnarly habitat will lean on the new Gator Green.

And best of all, there’s no increase in price to this unique and trustworthy formula.

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Fishing’s Most Famous Reel Now Paired with a Premium Rod

No other reel is more trusted for tangle-free performance and making memories than a Zebco 33, and now the experience gets even better through its pairing with a selection of quality cork-handled graphite rods with premium actions.

Made of lightweight, sensitive, yet durable IM6 graphite composite, the folks at Zebco listened to consumers and are providing both split grip cork, as well as the more standard time-proven straight cork handle too.

Both variations of cork handle designs come in rod lengths of 6’ and 6’ 6” in 2-piece options for easy storage and transportation. Additionally, there is a 6’ 6” split grip 1-piece offering.

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Zebco’s new Crappie Fighter Series aims to Generate More Bites with High-Vis Line and Rod Tips

The bright orange colors on Zebco’s new series of combos scream “Crappie Fighter” and their equally high-vis rod tips will shout “set the hook” when the paper-mouthed species that’s so highly favored at the dinner table decide to bite.

Eye catching color doesn’t stop at the rod tip, as each Crappie Fighter combo comes spooled with 6-pound high-visibility monofilament that is dyed in alternating 30” sections to help anglers make precise ‘drops’ to the exact depth where slab crappie are biting.

A 10” ruler is printed on the rod blank to provide a fast reference tool to make sure your catch is legal. There’s a model in Zebco’s Crappie Fighter series for everyone, including split grip rod handle combos ranging from 5’ to 6’6” that include spincast, triggerspin, and spinning reels.

Plus, those same reel offerings, in addition to a round fly-style jiggin’ reel, are available on longer 7 to 12-foot long rod combos which are designed for spider-rigging, trolling, dippin’ and jiggin’.

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