Choosing The Right Reel

No matter what your skill level – or what kind of fishing you like to do – we’ve got the perfect rod and reel. Read on to learn what’s right for you.


Zebco invented the original spincast reel, allowing millions to cast like a pro with the push of a button.

  • The most user-friendly, tangle-free fishing reel, ideal for beginners
  • Push button design invented by Zebco for long casts with minimal skill
  • Also used by experienced anglers as a durable, all-around reel

Available in a range of sizes, from ultralight (4 lb. line), medium (10 lb. line), to heavy-duty (20+ lb. line)

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Another Zebco invention, Triggerspin reels are a great option for novices.

  • Hybrid design combines the trouble-free use of spincast with the balanced feel of spinning
  • Trigger casting design invented by Zebco for easy casting
  • Good alternative to spinning reels for beginners

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Spinning reels are a good, versatile choice for anglers with a little more experience.

  • Also called “open face”, good for intermediate to advanced anglers
  • Fixed spool allows the line to flow freely on the cast, great for light lures
  • Nice, balanced feel because the reel hangs below the rod
  • Requires a little practice to cast accurately
  • The widest size range of any type of reel, from micro-sized for panfish to giant reels that hold 20 lb. or heavier line for catfish and even some off-shore saltwater fish

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Baitcast reels are the most advanced reel style, requiring lots of skill and practice to cast effectively.

  • The most advanced type of fishing reel, best for experienced anglers
  • Spool rotates as line is released, prone to backlashing (line tangles) requiring the angler to control line feeding out with his thumb
  • Though somewhat hard to master, they offer the best casting accuracy and distance
  • Offers fast and powerful retrieve in a relatively small package
  • Most often used for bass, muskies, salmon and other hard-fighting fish
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