Martin® Caddis Creek Combo

$24.99 - $29.99

Caddis Creek™ is a great value if you‘re new to fly fishing. The CC65 single-action reel is matched with a 9’ 2-piece 56 wt. rod. Backing capacity 50yds/20lb, fly line capacity LT6F/30yds

Martin® Caddis Creek Combo
Martin® Caddis Creek Combo


Model #

Model Number

Length of the rod in feet and inches. In general, shorter rods are easier to handle and are good for short, accurate casts while longer rods offer more casting distance and fish-fighting power.
Number of pieces for your rod. Some are 1-piece while many can be broken down into 2 or more pieces for easier storage and transport.

*I.P.T. = Inches-Per-Turn retrieve rate

Applications for use
For light applications like Panfish or Trout For medium applications like Walleye or Bass For heavy applications like Catfish or Striper or other Saltwater fish