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Camping & Fishing

We can't imagine camping without fishing - here are some pointers that'll have you loving it as much as we do.

Add Fishing to Your Adventure

You don’t need a fancy boat and a ton of fishing gear. Just a trail, a trusty Zebco travel combo, and a healthy amount of wanderlust.

Be a Better Angler

If you've got the basics down, we can show you how to take your fishing skills up a notch.

How to Take Great Photos

Here are some simple tips to help you take great fishing photos that’ll make you a social media legend.

Kayak Fishing

If you’re interested in combining paddling and angling, here are a few tips to get you going.

Adventure Checklist: Kayak Fishing

When fishing from a kayak, you need to keep things to a minimum. Here are a few essentials to bring along to make the most of your next adventure.

Adventure Checklist: Camping & Fishing

Camping connects you to nature like nothing else. But make sure you’re equipped with the right gear to make the most of your time in the great outdoors.

Adventure Checklist: General Fishing

One of the great things about fishing is how little equipment is required. The following supplies will make your time on the water more successful and enjoyable.

Adventure Checklist: Hiking & Fishing

When all you’ve got is what you can carry on your back, you need to pack smart. Here are a few things we always like to bring along.

How to Cast a Spincast Combo

Cast like a pro in minutes — all with the push of a button. Our video will show you how.

How to Cast a Spinning Reel

There’s really not that much to working a spinning reel. Our video will have you casting with confidence in no time.

How to Tie a Knot

For tying line to hooks and lures, this might be the only knot you’ll ever need: the improved clinch knot. It’s super easy to tie and incredibly strong.

Urban Fishing

You can catch big fish in any major city and its surrounding suburbs, and we can help you find the best urban fishing spots for a quick getaway.

Fishing Terms/Glossary

Like any enthusiast activity, fishing has its own lingo. The following terms are sure to come in handy as you progress along in your new favorite pastime.

Hiking & Fishing

Both hiking and fishing are more rewarding when you can get away from the crowds and have the freedom to explore new places.

How to use a Rod Caddy

Our ingenious Rod Caddy provides a simple, hands-free way to organize, transport and protect 2-piece rods and reels. 

Know Your Fishing Line

Fishing line is available in a dizzying variety of weights, types and brands. But as with most things in life, you can make it as simple or complicated as you wish.

Fishing on Vacation

The average American only gets 10 days of paid vacation a year. So you better make the most of it.

Biking and Fishing

Whether you’re a hardcore mountain biker or just like to cruise around, we can help you roll your way to a whole new adventure.

Fishing with Kids

How to reel in crappies, sunfish and unruly 5-year-olds. For quality time with your family, there's nothing quite like spending a day at the lake together.

Fishing is Easy to Learn

If you’ve never fished before, don’t worry – you’re in good hands. Zebco has helped millions learn how to fish and have a blast doing it.

Infographic - Basic Tackle

Take it nice and easy with this simple bobber fishing rig.

Infographic - Advanced Knots

Take your knot game up a notch for more hook-ups.

Infographic - Common Lures

Put the right lure in the right spot and get ready to reel 'em in.

Infographic - Simple Knots

Less time tying means more time having fun.

Infographic - Types of Fish

From saltwater to freshwater, learn the characteristics of common types of fish.

Fish for the First Time

With easy-casting Zebco gear and a few tips, you'll be fishing like a pro in no time.

Choosing the Right Reel

No matter what your skill level – or what kind of fishing you like to do – we’ve got the perfect rod and reel. Read on to learn what’s right for you.

Teach Someone to Fish

From "how-to" videos to helpful tips for kids, we make it easy to share your love for fishing.

How to get your Fishing License

Most states require a fishing license if you're an adult. And Zebco can help you get yours fast by applying online.