The new series of Weigh-In™ rods from Zebco featuring a classic De-liar™ fish scale in the butt end of the rod brings forth immediate thoughts of "why didn't somebody think of this sooner?". If they would have thought of it sooner fish tales and exaggerated lengths and weights of catches could have been curtailed decades ago. And better yet, brought better validation to true trophy catches. Not only does each "Weigh-in" rod come with a scale for measuring fish up to 10-pounds, but also, a ruler is stamped on the blank of each rod to provide a fast measurement on length for future story telling, as well as to help make sure your catch is legal according to state fisheries laws.


Model #

Model Number

Lure Weight (ozs)
The range of lure weights your rod is designed to handle. E.g. ⅛-⅝  means the rod is best fished with ⅛ up to ⅝ ounce lures.
Length of the rod in feet and inches. In general, shorter rods are easier to handle and are good for short, accurate casts while longer rods offer more casting distance and fish-fighting power.
Line Weight (lbs)
The range of line weights your rod is designed to handle. E.g. 6-14 means the rod is best fished with 6 to 14 lb. test line.
Guide Count
Number of guides on the rod that your fishing line threads through. The longer the rod, the more guides.
Number of pieces for your rod. Some are 1-piece while many can be broken down into 2 or more pieces for easier storage and transport.
The stiffness of the rod. It’s best to match your rod to the fish. Ultra-light for sunfish, crappies and small trout. Medium rods for bass, walleye, pike and other sportfish. Medium-Heavy to Heavy rods for big catfish and other large species.
Product Color

*I.P.T. = Inches-Per-Turn retrieve rate

  • Durable fiberglass rod
  • Split-grip EVA handle
  • [en-US:Convenient travel solution - No need to carry/purchase extra fish scale or measuring tape.]
Applications for use
For light applications like Panfish or Trout For medium applications like Walleye or Bass For heavy applications like Catfish or Striper or other Saltwater fish