Angling consumers often ask Zebco why they don’t make more baitcasting reels - proving Zebco isn’t just a ‘spincast’ company, but instead, a respected fishing brand in the minds of those that love to fish. The new Propel™ reel will go far in satisfying consumer requests for an affordable Zebco baitcasting reel.


Model #

Model Number

Gear Ratio
Number of times the spool turns around with each turn of the handle. E.g. 4.3:1 means the spool turns 4.3 times with 1 handle turn. The higher the ratio, the faster you can retrieve your line.
Product Weight (oz)
Total weight of the reel. Lighter reels are generally easier to cast, help you detect fish bites better and keep your arm from getting tired!
Number of ball bearings and roller bearings (usually listed as +1) to help your reel retrieve smoothly.
This mechanism keeps your handle from turning backwards. Allows you to quickly hook a fish when it bites. Our QuickSet™ anti-reverse is good and Continuous anti-reverse is even better.
Hand Retrieve
Left or right hand retrieve. Most Zebco reels allow you to switch the handle to either side.
Mono Capacity
Number of yards of standard monofilament fishing line the reel will hold. E.g. 85/6 means the spool will hold 85 yards of 6 lb. test line.
IPT (in.)
Number of inches of line retrieved per turn of the handle. Higher IPT = faster retrieves. Good for fast-moving lures like spinnerbaits and for helping you stay hooked to fast-swimming fish.
Product Color

*I.P.T. = Inches-Per-Turn retrieve rate

  • Disc Drag System
  • Lightweight graphite frame
  • Instant Anti-Reverse clutch
  • Right-Hand Retrieve
  • Aluminum Spool
  • 3 Bearings (2 + Clutch)
  • DynaMag® Cast Control
Applications for use
For light applications like Panfish or Trout For medium applications like Walleye or Bass For heavy applications like Catfish or Striper or other Saltwater fish