Two Wheels, One Great Fishing Adventure

Who needs a fancy boat when you can bike to some of the best fishing spots around? Whether you’re a hardcore mountain biker or just like to cruise around, we can help you roll your way to a whole new adventure.

Racks, bags and straps.

The biggest challenge is carrying your fishing gear without getting your rod caught in your spokes. For a simple day trip, just put a two-piece combo into our handy Zebco Rod Caddy and strap it to the top tube of your bike so the reel rides under your seat. Pack a small assortment of lures and other gear in a backpack and off you go.

Gear up.

Mountain biking and trout streams go together like a chain and sprocket. So if that’s your thing, Zebco has ultralight spincast combos you can easily pack along. But spinning gear is hard to beat for versatility and easy casting, so we’ve got you covered there, too.

The path to fish. is a great resource for finding bike trails in your area that can lead to good fishing. Look for those that can lead you past the popular, easy spots where most anglers stop to fish. That way you can have more of the trail, and the fish, to yourself.

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