Hiking & Fishing

Both hiking and fishing are more rewarding when you can get away from the crowds and have the freedom to explore new places. Besides, stopping to catch a few fish is also a great way to catch your breath and enjoy the scenery. Here’s how to combine these two outdoor pursuits into one awesome experience.

Match your gear to the fish.

The type of fishing gear you need depends a little on the fish in the areas you’ll be hiking. Think ultralight spinning or spincast combos for trout, sunfish and crappies. Or a stouter, medium rod and reel for bass, walleye and pike.

Go compact.

Most Zebco rods break down into two or more pieces to fit in or strap on a backpack. Better yet, check out our Telecast telescoping combos for an even smaller solution. To learn more about what to bring with, have a look at our Hiking + Fishing Checklist.

Less pressure, more fun.

The fewer anglers that hit a lake or a stream, the better chances you’ll have at catching fish because they won’t be as wary. So when you’re looking at routes, consider hitting trails that see a little less hiking and fishing pressure. Now get out there. And we mean way out there.

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