How to Take Great Photos

Showing off your catch is half the fun of fishing. Here are some simple tips to help you take great fishing photos that’ll make you a social media legend.

Get close.

Either move the camera right up to the fish or zoom in and fill the frame. If the angler and fish are little, have them hold the fish close to their face. Most cell phone cameras have a wide-angle lens so getting close will better fill the frame.

Use the flash.

It’s very hard to go wrong using a flash, even if the sun is shining. This will reduce the harsh shadows and bring out the color and detail of the fish.

Get a good sun angle.

Put the sun 45 degrees off either of your shoulders versus directly behind or in front of your subject. Then have the fish’s back facing the sun. This will reduce the whiteness of the fish’s belly that can be distracting.

Hold it proudly.

Have the angler hold the fish away from their body and closer to the camera. Yes, it “embellishes” the size of the fish but it also makes for a more interesting photo.

Express yourself.

Smile big. High five. Kiss the fish. Do whatever helps capture the joy of this proud moment while treating the fish with care, of course.

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