Spincast Reels


Possible Cause: Spool empty of line or insufficient line length.
Solution: Fill spool with new line or replace with new wound spool.

Possible Cause: Line tangled behind spinnerhead.
Solution: Remove front cover and spinnerhead assembly to untangle line. Remove all damaged line (i.e. abrasions, kinks).

Possible Cause: Reel spooled with inappropriate line (i.e. too heavy or braided line).
Solution: Remove line and respool with proper size line. NOTE: Braided line may not work with spincast reels.

Remove the front cover by firmly rotating counterclockwise. Pull the old line off the reel. Thread the new line through the front cover. Tie an arbor knot around the spool arbor and pull tight. Reattach the front cover.

Put tension on the line between your thumb and forefinger and slowly wind on line by pulling it off the filler spool. Periodically remove the front cover to see how much line has been spooled until the line is approximately 1/8″ below the top of the spool.

For all Zebco® Spincast models:

Remove the front cover by turning counterclockwise while holding the handle from turning. Continue holding the handle and turn the spinnerhead counterclockwise until it is completely unthreaded and removed. This allows access to the spool area for cleaning or maintenance. Reattach by threading the spinnerhead back on and then align the front cover and twist clockwise to secure.

The old 33® reel: Grip the reel tightly around the main body. Rotate counterclockwise. The back cover will become free. To reattach, align the back cover notch in the slotted area and turn approximately 45 degrees clockwise until cover is tight.

The new 33® reel: To remove the back cover on a new 33®, 33® Max, or 33® Micro, insert a small screwdeiver in the gap between the back cover and the top of the thumb bar and gently pry up. The back cover will pop off. To reattach, align the top of the front cover in the body groove and snap the bottom of the cover onto the tab on the body by applying a steady inward force.

Possible Cause: Lack of lubrication (oil/grease) on gears, bearings, and/or crankshaft assembly.
Solution: Add proper lubrication to moving parts.

Possible Cause: Spinnerhead spring missing or broken.
Solution: Replace spinnerhead. Visit the Parts section to order a replacement.

Possible Cause: Lack of lubrication on spinnerhead pick-up arm.
Solution: Add lubrication to spinnerhead pick-up arm on bottom side of spinnerhead. Learn How to add lubrication in our tips section.

Possible Cause: Thumb button hinge ears are broken.
Solution: Replace thumb button or back cover assembly. Visit the Parts section to order a replacement.

Possible Cause: Thumb button spring is broken or bent.
Solution: Bend spring back to the original position.

Possible Cause: Covers were over-tightened.
Solution: Replace broken parts. 

Possible Cause: Anti-Reverse pawl is damaged.
Solution: Replace Anti-Reverse pawl. Visit the Parts section to order a replacement.

Possible Cause: Trigger and/or trigger link assembly worn or broken.
Solution: Remove old grease or dirt/debris and relubricate with new grease. Learn How to add lubrication in our tips section.

Possible Cause: Drag washers are corroded or have dirt/debris in and around spool and drag washer area.
Solution: Disassemble spool and drag washers and clean spool, spool boss (on body of reel), and drag washers.

Possible Cause:  Gears, mainshaft, or crankshaft have old grease, dirt or debris present.
Solution:  Disassemble entire reel and clean thoroughly. Relubricate with new grease. Learn How to add lubrication in our tips section.

Possible Cause: Very little line is left on the reel or line is very old and memory loops are preventing casting distance.
Solution: Respool the reel.